The Project: Andrew Kim is a Los Angeles attorney specializing in business law. He struck out on his own several years ago and needed a new identity on the Internet. He contacted me in 2011 to develop a website for his new firm.

The Requirements: Andrew is a respected lawyer in Los Angeles and as such he required a website that presented professionalism and polish. He also needed to be able to change the content of the site himself and wanted to include ways for potential clients to review his credentials, contact him conveniently, and be able to write material for his cases, observations, and professional opinions on various matters. 

2011 was near the beginning of the "Mobile First" era, so the website was customized for multiple platforms using CSS. I used Adobe Muse to scaffold the site then using DreamWeaver, I integrated it with WordPress CMS and included a custom back-end that was pared down and simple to navigate. We collaborated on content, making sure to include required legal disclaimers and material.

The Result: Andrew has been happy with the website, but we are now considering a fresh design to take advantage of more modern methods and innovations. 
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