Detroit Imagery

The Project: Detroit Imagery is a local photographer's professional presence. Joe Lopez travels all over the city (and state) getting some really remarkable pictures of the Motor City (and other locales). Joe started to bring in enough work and get enough attention that he decided he required a brand and identity. He approached me in 2015 to do the job.

The Requirements: Joe wanted something that reflected his love for cars, his photography, and of course, Detroit. He left the rest up to me, although we did go through several brainstorming sessions and revisions. He did request at least one version that would translate into a bumper sticker that he could put out at car shows.

The Result: He decided on what we see here. The gear with the camera iris, with the gritty "DETROIT". I also created a parking sign version so he could literally have it made into ... yes, a parking sign. 
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