Sergeant York Project

715 Holdings - a Los Angeles-based real estate investment and development company.
Bark n' Bean was a business skills and marketing final project at my daughter's high school. I lent my time to the class. 
Crane and Sons is an Indianapolis-based general construction contractor.
Detroit Imagery is local photographer Joe Lopez' brand.
Formally "Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center", the Freedom Center is a Michigan welcome center at airports and recruiting centers open to all Service Members and Veterans.
The International Armed Forces Council is a group of senior Veterans in the US and Canada. This is their original logo - I was contracted to update the colors and digitalize the logo itself for easier use.
International Design Company is a CAD/CAM automotive design firm in Troy, Michigan.
Mountain Gate Forge is based in Oregon. The proprietor, Ash Carey, has studied iron working literally all over Europe and the Middle East.
Premier Therapy Center is a physical therapy facility in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
Second Class Citizen (or 2CC) is a 501(c)3 organization for active duty and Veterans of the Special Operations community.
This one is older (2007) but was a lot of fun to do. This is the "Santa Monica Single Malt Scotch Appreciation Society" - SMSMSAS. A group of Santa Monica lawyers with a passion for $300+ bottles of scotch. Yes, I got some scotch for this work.
Tapper's Pub is a small, comfortable watering hole in Rochester, Michigan. Sort of like a more blue collar "Cheers".
This is a small selection of logos I have done over the last few years. One of my personal favorites in this group is "Bark n' Bean". A Business Skills & Marketing class at my daughter's high school had to come up with a business idea, business plan, and marketing. I do branding & graphics, so her class contacted me and I worked with them just like I'd work with a regular client - just on a much shorter timeline. I "invoiced" them for the work and they "paid" me (all simulated of course!) on delivery. I found it to be a very useful experience for all of us.
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